A Note from Noah

My name is Noah Schuerman and I am currently in my sophomore year at Lewis-Clark State College.  Since the fall of 2011 I have been employed at the Center for Arts and History as a work-study.  During the last few months at the center, I have been exposed to a wonderful world of art that I had only experienced through pictures.  In fact, on my very first day of work I was able to assist in the installation of the Confluence Project exhibit, work by international artist Maya Lin.  For someone who has never experienced this type of art up close and personal, this was a great experience.  Not only has CAH exposed me to new art, they have also given me an opportunity to get my work out there for the world (okay, maybe just the region) to see.  Later this spring, I will join numerous other college, junior, and high school students in a group art exhibit at the center.  Being one of the few outlets for artistic creativity here in Lewiston, the Center for Arts & History is definitely invaluable to students and artists like me. I hope you will will join me in being a part of what the center has to offer!



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2 responses to “A Note from Noah

  1. viki

    That’s great to hear. Good for you, Noah. I would love to see the student show this spring. I hope it is well advertized.

    • Be sure to join our mailing list! Ask to be added to our list to receive all of our exhibition cards (we don’t “spam”) by emailing, giving us a call, or signing our guest book. Also watch for mentions in the Lewiston Tribune, KLEWTV, and on the radio.

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